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Ike was raised by a single mother, alongside his brother and sister. Thanks to the social safety-net, the family rose above the struggle of poverty as Ike’s mom got an education and went on to serve in the United States Air Force. Ike learned early on the importance of lending a helping hand to those who need one and has dedicated his life to service to others, service to Country, and fighting for dignity and opportunity for all. He stands ready to fight for Colorado in the US Congress. With your support, we can save and protect our democracy, planet, and future. Together. For Colorado.

Service & Integrity

Isaac “Ike” McCorkle is a war-injured, 18-year veteran and officer of the United States Marine Corps. Ike lives by a call of duty to serve others and fight for justice. To him, service and leadership means advocating for the greater good and putting the good of ALL Americans above favors for the wealthy and powerful. As a single father of three in Douglas County public schools, Ike wants better representation in Congress for his children and yours. He is standing up for that call to action and asks for your support in his candidacy for Colorado’s 4th District Congressional seat. Together, we can serve ALL Coloradans, not just the elite.


The Ike4CO campaign is entirely grassroots funded by individuals like you. Please help if you can.

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