Lauren Boebert Trails Democrat Ike McCorkle by a Significant 7 Points in Poll Released Today

Democrat Ike McCorkle is shown with a poll reflecting his 7 point lead against Republican Lauren Boebert

PARKER, Co. — In a Gravis Marketing poll released today, Democrat Ike McCorkle leads Lauren Boebert by 7 points in a general survey consisting of likely voters across party lines CO-4.

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In the wake of Representative Ken Buck’s resignation last month, the Eastern Colorado congressional race is heating up. Voters are set for a special election on June 25, and Democrats will decide the nominee to run against embattled Republican Greg Lopez in a convention held today. Bobert has chosen not to participate in the special and will run in the concurrent primary on Jan 25 for the new full term to be decided in November. 

Ike McCorkle, a decorated Force Recon Marine veteran and experienced Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 4th congressional district, has raised more than six times his closest Democratic challengers in the most recent filing. The campaign reports it will raise close to one million dollars this quarter, making it the outright frontrunner to defeat Boebert. 

We see in these numbers what our campaign has known for months. Among the Democratic candidates, our campaign is the only choice to beat Greg Lopez in the special election and Lauren Boebert in November. 

The decision made at the convention today will impact the nation, not only the citizens of CD-4. It will determine who will fight the same MAGA agenda that sought to overthrow our government on January 6th. The democracy I fought so hard to protect in combat is at risk, and I hope the members of the special convention will choose me and my team to defend it.” – Ike McCorkle.

McCorkle, who has secured the Democratic nomination twice before, has benefitted from his name recognition and familiarity with voters in this unusually short election process. 

About Ike McCorkle:

Ike McCorkle is a U.S. Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and proud father of four running for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District.

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