Defending Our Democracy

Standing for

American Freedom

In an era marked by profound challenges to the fabric of democracy across the globe, America’s commitment to upholding democratic principles has never been more critical. Our campaign is dedicated to confronting these challenges head-on, ensuring that democracy is not only defended but also strengthened for future generations. This comprehensive approach is built on four foundational pillars: campaign finance reform, the enactment of a new Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), the protection of voting rights, and the defense of democratic institutions worldwide.

Campaign Finance Reform: Ensuring the Integrity of Our Democracy

At the heart of a thriving democracy is the principle that every voice matters. Yet, the current state of campaign finance undermines this principle, allowing a select few to exert disproportionate influence over our electoral process. To restore the integrity of our democracy, we must demand significant reforms, including the passage of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. This amendment will enable the regulation of money in elections, ensuring that our political system represents the will of the people, not just the wealthiest contributors. Furthermore, we propose the implementation of a transparent, publicly financed system of campaign financing to empower small donations and demand full transparency in campaign funding.

A New Equal Rights Amendment: Advancing Liberty and Justice for All

In recognition of the persistent inequalities that plague our society, I will champion the introduction of a new Equal Rights Amendment. This amendment will provide comprehensive protection against discrimination for all Americans, ensuring equal rights and opportunities regardless of race, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristic. By enshrining these protections into law, we reaffirm our nation's commitment to fairness, dignity, and equality for every citizen.

Safeguarding the Right to Vote: The Cornerstone of Democracy

The right to vote is the cornerstone of democracy, yet it faces unprecedented threats that seek to disenfranchise citizens and erode public trust in our electoral system. In Congress, I will call for robust measures to protect voting rights, including the introduction of civics education, automatic voter registration, mail-in paper ballots, and the restoration of the Voting Rights Act. Furthermore, I advocate for making Election Day a national holiday, ensuring that every eligible citizen can exercise their right to vote without barriers.

Defending Democratic Institutions Against Global Threats

Democracy is under siege around the world, with autocratic forces threatening the foundational principles of freedom and self-governance. I will always stand  in support for democratic institutions and will seek to uphold America’s promises as an ally. This includes leveraging diplomatic and economic strategies, providing military support under NATO's Article 5 when necessary, and standing in solidarity with nations like Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty and democratic values.

Conclusion: A Unified Call to Action

Our platform is a call to action for all Americans to unite in the defense and promotion of democracy. By addressing campaign finance, enacting a new ERA, protecting voting rights, and defending democratic institutions, we can ensure that our democracy remains vibrant and resilient. Together, we can create a political system that truly represents the interests and voices of all citizens, paving the way for a more just, equitable, and democratic society. Let us stand together to safeguard the values of freedom, justice, and human rights, ensuring that democracy thrives for generations to come.

The time to act is now. Confronting the economic disparities that plague our nation is essential for the creation of a more just and inclusive society.

Will you stand with me and fight for a strengthened economy?