The Call of Duty: From Marine to Mission to Mend Our Democracy

Hey folks,

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, back to when I was just 17 and made a choice that would define the rest of my life—I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. That first chapter was just the beginning. After serving my first enlistment, I came back to the states with a hunger for education and a heart full of patriotism. But life, oh, it has its twists.

The tragedy of 9/11 wasn’t just a page in a history book; it was a clarion call that reshaped my destiny. The very next day, with the resolve only the truest forms of patriotism can instill, I found myself pledging once more to defend our nation, ticket in hand, ready to face the frontlines head-on.

Fast forward through nearly 18 years of service, battles fought, sacrifices made, and lessons learned, I made the tough call to hang up my uniform and return to civilian life. But let me tell you, the fight for America’s future didn’t stay on the battlefield; it followed me home.

Coming back, it hit me—the democracy I bled for, the freedom I fought to protect, it was under siege, not from foreign adversaries but from within. Our halls of Congress, once the bastions of democracy, now stood as monuments to dysfunction. Politicians, with their lips dripping with promises to support veterans, fell short, time and again, when their actions mattered most.

This revelation wasn’t a setback; it was a call to arms. The truth is, if the folks currently warming those congressional seats can’t get their act together for the American people, then it’s high time a real American patriot steps up. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s a battle cry against the likes of Lauren Boebert and the extremist wing holding our legislative process hostage. It’s a message loud and clear—their time is up.

Thanks to your relentless spirit and generosity, we’re gearing up to launch our first major campaign ad. It’s more than an ad; it’s our declaration that we’re here to fight, to make every resident in CO-04 know they have a champion in their corner. Someone who’s been in the trenches, who knows what it means to serve and is ready to bring that ethos of service to Congress.

This campaign is our joint mission to safeguard the democracy I swore to defend, to rid our halls of power of those who would rather serve their extremist agendas than the American people. Together, we’re not just fighting to win a seat; we’re fighting to restore the soul of our Congress, to bring dignity back to public service, and to ensure our veterans and every American get the support they deserve.

So, are you with me? Let’s flip this seat, let’s make history, and let’s show ’em that when push comes to shove, patriots like us push back harder.

Semper Fi,

Ike McCorkle

Combat Wounded, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired Democratic Candidate for CO-04

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