The Tides Turn: Boebert is Behind Us by 7 Points

Democrat Ike McCorkle is shown with a poll reflecting his 7 point lead against Republican Lauren Boebert

Folks, we are at a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, and the news I bring today is not just encouraging; it’s a beacon of hope. As we approach the special election convention, the winds of change are not just blowing—they’re roaring with the promise of a new dawn.

For too long, the conversation has been dominated by extreme voices, pushing an agenda that seeks to divide us. But now, we have hard evidence that the tide is turning. Recent polling data has placed us in the lead, showcasing a 7-point advantage. This is more than numbers on a page; it’s a clear indication that the call for unity, decency, and progress is resonating with people.

Click here to see our poll results.

There’s no doubt about it: what’s truly at stake here transcends individual victories. 

We are on the cusp of altering the course of our collective future, challenging the extremist agenda that has sought to steer our discourse and decisions. Every individual seat we flip is not just a win for our campaign but a stride towards a more compassionate and reasoned political landscape.

Our race in CO-4 is more than a political contest; it’s a movement for reclaiming the values that truly make our nation great: unity, integrity, and a commitment to the common good. Let’s join forces to amplify this message, bringing it to every undecided voter and every community.

Your support, your voice, and your vote are the catalysts for a historic victory, one that will resonate far beyond the confines of this election. Let’s unite in this cause, and together, we can turn the page on extremism and march towards a future defined by hope and unity.

Semper Fi,  

Ike McCorkle  

Combat Wounded U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

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