Net Neutrality & Internet as Public Utility

Like the interstate highway system that allows everyone access at the same speed regardless of the car they drive, Net Neutrality ensures that every American will have access to the Internet and all its information and opportunities at the same rate of speed––governed as a utility, not by a for-profit company that can block, throttle and charge users extra through class censorship.

We need to enshrine Net Neutrality into law.

We need to:

  • Preserve freedom of information for all Americans, regardless of their socio-economic status or zip code.
  • Insure that every American has unrestricted internet access at a fair market value.
  • Guarantee high-speed Internet availability to every home, office, ranch, farm, etc., throughout the United States.
  • Treat Internet accessibility as a public utility.
  • Promote big cable companies to connect rural America in accordance with the tax and other incentives they have been given to do so.
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