End the War on Drugs & Prisons for Profit

The War on Drugs has racist beginnings and has led to an incarceration rate five times higher than in the early 1970s when we had the same low crime rate as today.

We need to:

  • End the War on Drugs
  • Legalize marijuana nationally, taxing and regulating it.
  • Enact Federal laws that allow banking marijuana profits so as to be legally invested in our communities.
  • Expunge the records of people with non-violent crimes related to marijuana possession.

Drug and alcohol addiction are an illness.

We need to:

  • Treat and rehabilitate those who abuse substances, not jail them.
  • Help people stay with their families and be productive members of their communities.
  • Devote a portion of tax monies from legal drugs like marijuana and alcohol for education and treatment programs.

Through private prisons, corporate entities have profited on the backs of our most disadvantaged citizens for far too long.

We need to abolish private prisons nationwide.

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