Medicare for All

There are many lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.  One major lesson is that the U.S. desperately needs universal healthcare, which would provide a whole-country approach to access and care for our nation. 

A very efficient and effective healthcare system already exists.  It’s Medicare, and it effectively can be expanded for all.

Medicare for All will:

  • Protect the health of all Americans and remove a system that allows companies to profit off of death and suffering.
  • Save money for Americans by allowing Congress to negotiate with hospitals and drug companies for lower pricing.
  • Save money for small businesses by shifting the expense of health insurance from employers and employees to the government.
  • Increase value by reducing administrative costs and mandates and restrictions of multiple insurance plans.
  • Allow people to choose their own doctors and hospitals, instead of “network” restrictions.
  • Enable doctors to prescribe their first-choice treatments.
  • Reign-in drug prices.
  • Reduce the stress of ambiguities and hidden charges.
  • Is it the moral thing to do.

A majority of Americans on both sides of the aisle, as well as independents and third-party members, agree that Medicare For All must be delivered. It’s time to put people before profits and it’s time that Americans stop paying the most for healthcare with the worst results.

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