Israel and Palestine

Ike’s father Leon Bienn’s family is Jewish and Ike has family in Israel (and serving in the IDF) who were directly affected by and are involved in the war. The brutality and barbarism displayed by the terrorists on Oct 7th cannot be tolerated. The presence of Iranian-funded terrorist Armies in Gaza and the West Bank can no longer be tolerated.

A demilitarized and internationally governed stable peace must be established so that the people of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza are no longer subject to Iranian funded terrorism.

Ike supports the creation of an independent, de-militarized state of Palestine with defined borders. We believe a negotiated resolution to the conflict serves both Israel and America’s interests and fulfills the legitimate national aspirations of the Jewish and Palestinian peoples to self-determination and sovereignty.

In this moment of crisis and war for Israelis and Palestinians, and with events on the ground and in Washington moving fast, it is extremely important for the US to be clear about where we stand, what we are advocating for, and what we are encouraging the Biden Administration and Members of Congress to do:

  • The U.S.-Israel relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership that saves lives and advances American interests and values, helps protect our troops, strengthens our economy, and addresses 21st century challenges.
  • We are committed to and support the Palestinian people and the state of Israel. The future of both Israelis and Palestinians depends on achieving a negotiated resolution to their conflict that guarantees that the violation of international borders and atrocities of October 7th will never happen again.
  • Securing a peaceful future of both Israelis and Palestinians requires the eradication of funding networks that have propped up terrorist armies in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Security guarantees and human rights must be guaranteed and upheld by all parties in a demilitarized and internationally monitored Gaza and West Bank.

With a largely Jewish extended family, Ike believes in the organizational objectives of the well-financed and politically powerful, pro-Israel lobby. Ike supports J Street and AIPAC, major forces in American foreign affairs that look to continue America’s military and fiscal support of the Jewish nation-state while ensuring a lasting peace takes hold in the Middle East. We support the organizational missions of AIPAC and J Street bringing together Democrats and Republicans to advance our shared values, mission, and support for our families and loved ones in Israel.


America’s pro-Israel lobby — closely monitors a broad range of issues that affect the U.S.-Israel relationship. Over the past 60 years, AIPAC has built a reputation for providing reliable, credible and timely research and information for decision makers in Washington and across the country.

About J Street

ABOUT J STREET — J Street organizes pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans to promote US policies that embody our deeply held Jewish and democratic values and that help secure the State of Israel as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people. We believe that only a negotiated resolution agreed to by Israelis and Palestinians can meet the legitimate needs and national aspirations of both peoples.

Working in the American political system, in the Jewish community and with others with whom we share core values, we advocate for diplomacy-first American leadership and policies that advance justice, equality, peace, and democracy in Israel, in the wider region and in the United States as well.

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