Defending International Democracy

With democratic institutions under stress and threatened across the world, in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, it is imperative that these autocratic and anti-democratic forces at work and inclinations are addressed and reversed through peaceful means and defensive operations when necessary. The current Russian invasion of democratic Ukraine, democratic institutions in Poland, Brazil, Hungary, and the United States are being threatened.

  • I support strong – yet practical and pragmatic – actions to counter aggressive attacks on existing democratic institutions in all countries where the citizens of that country seek to build and maintain free and fair elections, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to join civic institutions, and the rule of law.
  • I support the United States and other democracies providing immediate funding and direct actions to fight autocratic institutions taking hold abroad, except where these responsibilities fall under existing international treaties such as NATO.
  • I support largely diplomatic and economic policy approaches as well as proven special strategies to counter worldwide anti-democratic forces. This includes the strong use of the ongoing diplomatic summits and the strongest economic sanctions possible such as those being used to support Ukraine against Russia‚Äôs recent invasion.

The United States should fully support military action, under Article 5 of NATO, if any NATO member nation is attacked by a hostile foreign power. But the United States must also take the utmost precautions to protect U.S. economic, diplomatic and human rights interests, in careful deliberate steps, after analysis of all tradeoffs to United States interests and those interests of our allies.

There are no perfect solutions to complex challenges such as hostile dictatorships launching foreign invasions. In the future, Ukraine will become a member nation of NATO – and we must provide them with everything they need to defeat the invasion of their sovereign nation.

Only strength, unity, and steadfast military support will prevent Russia from winning this war. We unequivocally support the people of Ukraine in their efforts to restore pre-invasion 2014 internationally accepted borders between Ukraine/Crimea and the Russian Federation.

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