The Climate Crisis: Action Over Sarcasm

Hey folks,

In a moment that could only be scripted in the surreal chapters of political theater, Lauren Boebert delivered a line that perfectly encapsulates the MAGA movement’s cavalier dismissal of the existential threat looming over us: climate change. Her quip? “I absolutely believe in climate change. It happens four times every year.”

There it is, the emblematic shrug in the face of scientific consensus and the lived experiences of millions. At a juncture when Americans were grappling with the hottest summer on record, such flippancy isn’t just disappointing; it’s downright dangerous. This is the brand of dismissiveness we’ve come to expect from a movement led by a figure notorious for denying and distorting the realities of the climate crisis.

But here’s the rub: for countless Americans, climate change is no laughing matter. It’s a harrowing reality, manifesting through relentless fires, hurricanes growing more ferocious by the year, devastating droughts, and an uptick in extreme weather events. The evidence isn’t just compelling; it’s unfolding before our very eyes.

This isn’t merely an environmental issue; it’s a clarion call to safeguard our national security. The Pentagon concurs, recognizing the cascade of threats poised to intensify under the sway of climate change, including environmental degradation, social upheaval, political instability, and escalated global conflicts.

With severe weather events bleeding our economy of approximately $150 billion annually and climate-related factors claiming hundreds of thousands of American lives each year, the stakes couldn’t be starker. Climate change transcends weather patterns, inflicting economic turmoil, jeopardizing food security, and sowing seeds of instability.

The crisis is at our doorstep, exacerbating by the day. 

This November, rest assured, I won’t be treating the climate emergency as fodder for a punchline. My focus? Actionable solutions—curbing greenhouse emissions, igniting the clean energy sector, championing sustainable agriculture, and paving the way for a future that inspires optimism rather than fear.

Are you ready to stand with me? Your support is crucial as we aim to flip the house in 2024 and tackle the climate crisis head-on. It’s time to transition from disbelief and inaction to conviction and resolve.

The climate emergency is a collective challenge that demands a unified response. Together, let’s commit to the security of our families, the stability of our future, and the preservation of our planet.

Because, folks, the real change we believe in doesn’t happen four times a year—it’s the change we’re fighting for every single day.

The climate crisis is a test of our era. Together, we’ll rise to the occasion.

Let’s do this,

Ike McCorkle 

Combat Wounded

U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

Democratic Candidate for CO-04