Newsweek: Lauren Boebert 14 Points Behind Ike McCorkle in Colorado Poll

A graphic featuring a photo of Lauren Boebert turning away from a microphone being held up to her next to a headline from Newsweek dated May 30, 2024, that reads: “Lauren Boebert is polling 14 points behind potential Democratic rival Ike McCorkle.

Newsweek Reports McCorkle Leading Boebert by 14 Points!

Great news, everyone! Newsweek just reported a game-changing update: Ike McCorkle is leading Lauren Boebert by a whopping 14 points in a recent Gravis poll. This is a significant jump from our previous 7-point lead and a clear sign that Colorado is ready for real change.

Back in December 2023, Boebert, known for her extremist politics, made a surprising move to run in Colorado’s 4th District. She cited a need for a “fresh start” after a tough year, but many saw it as a desperate attempt to avoid losing to Democrat Adam Frisch, who she barely beat in 2022.

Our campaign, always focused on transparency and truth, commissioned a survey of 423 likely voters in the 4th District, conducted by Gravis Marketing from May 22-24. With a margin of error of plus or minus 4.7 percent, this poll shows McCorkle’s lead has doubled, reflecting the hard work, dedication, and the growing support for our message of unity and practical solutions.

Speaking to Colorado Politics, Ike McCorkle said, “All across District 4, we hear the same message from voters across party lines: extremism in Washington is the No. 1 threat to our democracy, and our campaign is the one to fight it and win. Our team’s hard work across this district has already doubled our lead over Lauren Boebert, while other Democrats in this race are still 10 points behind her. The math is clear; we are the only Democratic campaign that will be successful in November.”

Lauren Boebert’s extreme and divisive politics have left too many behind, while Ike’s commitment to unity, practical solutions, and genuine representation is winning hearts and minds across the district. This surge in the polls is not just a number; it’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, supporters, and the unwavering belief in a better future for Colorado.

But we can’t get complacent. The path to victory is paved with hard work, and every voice counts. Let’s keep pushing forward, engaging with our communities, and spreading our message of hope and progress. Together, we will make history.

Thank you for your continued support. Let’s bring this home!

Ike McCorkle Campaign Team

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