Women’s Rights

Women’s rights are human rights and it is essential to guarantee that women have an equitable position in society. These rights include every individual that identifies as a woman. We support comprehensive and inclusive women’s rights for all. We firmly believe that women’s rights are human rights.

We are committed to the following:

  • Women’s right to be free from sexual violence
  • Greater support to get women elected to office
  • Fair wages and equal pay
  • Assurance that women have equitable rights in the workforce, such as maternity leave and childcare.

Additionally, reproductive rights are fundamental human rights that allow each individual to have equitable access to their sexual and reproductive health. This must be done in a way that protects all individuals from violence, coercion and discrimination. Additionally, these rights must be accessible to every individual; reproductive rights are relevant to all members of society and must therefore be comprehensive and inclusive.

Here is what we advocate to protect reproductive rights:

  • Ensure that all women have the legal right to all decisions about reproduction, bodily integrity and autonomy
  • Ensure accessible birth control options and education for all
  • Ensure comprehensive education about sexually transmitted diseases for everyone, inclusive for all genders and orientations
  • Ensure the right to menstrual health and products
  • Ensure comprehensive education about consent
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