Voting RightsVoting Rights & Automatic Citizen Registration

When citizens, at age 16, register for the selective service they should be automatically registered to vote. There should be a nationally designed and peer reviewed freshmen high school classes on civics and voting. At age 17 citizens should be able to vote. Citizens leave school as engaged voters. National and local mail in paper ballot voting should be established for all citizens from the time they leave high school. It is the duty of Congress to fight for every American they represent’s voting rights, and Ike McCorkle will take that duty very seriously when elected.

Our campaign believes in restoration of the Voting Rights Act and making sure that there is a paper trail for every ballot cast in these United States. Safeguarding the right to vote and the integrity of the vote from any form of disenfranchisement is a primary duty of our government and pillar to our way of life.
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