Responsible Ownership And Gun Rights

We can reduce firearms injuries in the US by close to 80% while ensuring Second Amendment rights and the right to safety.

  • Comprehensive universal background checks and extended waiting periods for gun purchases must be expanded or rewritten to include mental health and domestic violence clearances to protect the safety of self and others.
  • The National Safe Storage Act will provide gun owners with biometric-capable gun safes that separate firearms and ammunitions. Make safe storage the law, including specific clauses on storage and transport of firearms and ammunition.
  • Licensure & Federal Training Standards Act: Federal training, qualification, and proficiency standards for firearms licensing. Federal standards should require that firearms owners are licensed and insured. States still have rights, of course, but Federal standards are needed, too.
  • Pass the Concealed Carry Licensure Standards Act, to require potential licensees to pass an Education and Employment course that includes qualification standards on a “shoot-or-do-not-shoot” course.
  • Extended Federal Firearms Assault Weapons Training and Licensure Act: Additional training course requirements for assault weapons including handling, operation, employment, and qualification standard.

With rigorous education, the above measures will reduce firearm injuries in the US by more than 80%. They do not infringe on a citizen’s rights to keep and bear arms and they do not disarm our “well-regulated citizen militia.” And these laws do not impact licensed hunters. They only insure that legal gun owners have the training necessary to utilize these weapons. We require training and licensing to drive vehicles, design a house, or even to cut hair. We can require the same for those who carry weapons.

Ken Buck voted against renewal of the Violence Against Women Act because it said that convicted domestic abusers could not own a firearm. Ken Buck doesn’t care about women’s rights or safety. Ken Buck thinks that convicted domestic abusers should be able to own firearms- without any licensing or training.
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