Responsible Ownership And Gun Rights

We can reduce firearms injuries in the US by close to 80% while ensuring Second Amendment Rights and responsibilities are upheld. I am ready and willing to press the point. It is necessary, people who know about guns must be involved in the legislative process.

  • We support Comprehensive universal background checks and waiting periods for gun purchases.
  • We support mental health and domestic violence exclusions.
  • We propose and support a National Safe Storage Act which would provide gun owners with subsidized purchase of bio metric-capable gun safes. Make safe storage the law, including specific clauses on storage and transport of firearms and ammunition. This would drastically reduce accidental firearm injuries.

The wall street journal showed that the vast majority of school shootings 70 +% are perpetrated by adolescents using firearms acquired from their household or that of a friend. 70+% ~ Safe and proper storage could reduce access and school shootings by a staggering 70+%…

Federal Training Standards Act:

Federal training, qualification, and proficiency standards for firearms transport, storage, and use are needed. Federal standards should require that firearms owners are qualified and insured on the specific weapon system that they are purchasing. States still have rights, of course, but Federal policy is needed to standardize the system Nationally and protect the public.

  • We support passing the Concealed Carry Licensure Standards Act, to require potential concealed carry licensees to pass an education and weapons specific employment course that includes qualification standards on a “shoot-or-do-not-shoot” course.
  • We support passing a Semi-Automatic Weapons Training Act: Additional training course requirements for semi auto weapons including handling, operation, employment, and qualification standard.

With rigorous education, the above measures would reduce firearm injuries in the US by 80%. They do not infringe on a citizen’s rights to keep and bear arms and they do not disarm our “well-regulated citizen militia.”

These laws do not impact licensed hunters. They only ensure that legal gun owners have the training necessary to use these weapons safely while preventing unwarranted access. We require training and licensing to drive vehicles, design a house, or even to cut hair. We can require the same for those (Like Myself) who choose to carry weapons.

  • Mandatory waiting periods are very effective at stopping suicide as well as crimes of passion/homicide. Studies showa waiting period of three days lowered the suicide rate by firearms by 17%.

My opposition dose NOT but I do support the, Violence Against Women Act. Convicted domestic abusers should not be legally allowed to own or purchase a firearm. Our opposition dose NOT care about women’s rights or safety. My opponent thinks that convicted domestic abusers should be able to own firearms- without any licensing or training.

Domestic violence is one of the strongest indicators of gun violence, with ⅓ murders of women (and 1/20 of men) being committed by intimate partners. This is a gun regulation that I support that Buck voted against when he voted against renewal of the Violence Against Women Act. Frequently this law is not correctly enforced, and the perpetrators, convicted DV offenders get around the laws.

Democrats NEED representatives that understand firearms and how to effectively regulate them verses passing nonsensical ineffective policy that enrages American Gun Owners while doing nothing to reduce gun violence.

The bottom line is this, feature bans do not reduce gun violence because they do not keep guns out of the hands of those that should not have them. Leadership in Congress must focus on effective gun legislation.

The total breakdown of gun deaths in America:

A subsidy for gun storage is essential. Poverty has always been a strong indicator of gun violence and suicide (in both children and adults), these households need gun storage more while being less able to afford it.

Effective gun regulation should focus on suicide, reducing unwarranted access, and accidental deaths as well as homicide. This saves more lives and makes the regulation effective and appealing to gun owners.

Laws on the books need to be effectively enforced and federally standardized.

I am a firearms enthusiast and over the years have become an expert in the field. I have been an enthusiast my entire life. I am a small arms instructor, a machine gun instructor, and a foreign weapons instructor. I can talk to folks about the particulars and gain their trust and confidence. Just being knowledgeable about firearms breaks down lots of barriers.

I am ready and willing to press the point. It is necessary, people who know about guns must be involved in the legislative process.

The bottom line is this, Democrats need to drop stupid feature bans and focus on effective gun legislation.

Democrats have a well-deserved reputation for being ignorant of firearms and passing ineffective gun control measures. This is counterproductive because it enrages gun enthusiasts (like myself) that would be onboard with background checks, storage, or domestic violence exclusions, and frankly, just makes gun owners dislike Democrats in general.

Virginia Democrats recently tried to pass an “assault weapon ban” that included a whole list of senseless feature bans.

The appropriate bans like the bump stock ban falls under existing NFA regulation of fully automatic firearms anyway. It was redundant. All the ATF had to do was enforce what was already on the books. By the way, bump stocks were banned by President Trump.

The proposed bans have also covered a variety of gun features and modifications such as suppressors (already regulated by the NFA) folding or telescoping stocks, pistol grips, thumbhole stocks and mounts for bayonets or grenade launchers.

Bayonets… it is just nonsensical, you can have a rifle, but you can’t attach a knife to it, and pistol grips, you can’t have a handle on your gun, and grenades have never been legal.

Assault weapons have never been clearly defined so all efforts to ban them are nonsensical, disjointed, and ineffective.

Colorado’s “high” capacity magazine ban made previously legal small caliber handguns illegal with their stock magazine and had massive political cost. Telling thousands of people that their small 9mm handgun is now illegal is a great way to lose elections, and to lose support for effective gun regulation.

With the stroke of a pin Colorado small businesses were criminalized and forced to skirt the law in order to do business and provide their customers with the service and products they desire.

Banning pistol stabilizers…. It’s just a piece of plastic or wood. This does nothing other than make gun owners angry and pushes businesses to operate on the fringes of legality while expanding the black market. We need to be enforcing domestic violence laws, and waiting periods… not banning pieces of plastic, while rifles are still legal.

Feature bans will always enrage the populace. You either make the weapons they currently own illegal (huge political cost) or you include a grandfather clause, and the guns will never get out of circulation. Lose-Lose

In the military we have lots of guns, ammunition, and ordinances of all types and very few accidents and very few intentional or mass shootings because there is mental health screening, training, education, mandatory storage, and qualification required.

With effective legislation that will pass, we can and will reduce gun violence in Colorado and America.

Semper Fi

Ike McCorkle

Ike and son Miles McCorkle/Bienn
Ike and son Miles McCorkle/Bienn
Representative Bob Marshall USMC Retired, Ike McCorkle/Bienn USMC Retired, Rex Laceby, LtCol. Holtorf, Representative Richard Holtorf US Army Retired enjoying friendly competition at the Family Shooting Center. (August 2022)
Representative Bob Marshall USMC Retired, Ike McCorkle/Bienn USMC Retired, Rex Laceby, LtCol. Holtorf, Representative Richard Holtorf US Army Retired enjoying friendly competition at the Family Shooting Center. (August 2022)
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