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Ike McCorkle will support Green New Deal efforts such as those being championed by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Sanders. We believe that keeping Earth not only habitable, but abundant, for human life is the existential crisis of our time. We also believe this crisis can be an opportunity for jobs and training programs, needed infrastructure repair and economic redevelopment. As we transition to clean energy, we can reinvigorate our workforce. As we bring the guarantee of clean air and water to American citizens and embrace sustainable construction models, we can repair America’s infrastructure. As we regulate factory-farming to be environmentally conscience, we can empower the American family farmer. As we reign-in the industries that have led us to this life-threatening peril, we can invest in the American ingenuity that will lead us into the future.

When FDR fought for the original New Deal, it was to preserve and better American life for the average citizen, by offering support programs, and by reigning in the exploitative industries of the day. We face even greater challenges than the depression that inspired the New Deal. We face extinction-level threats due to the exploitation of our natural resources and generations of inaction and neglect. We have the knowledge, means and resources to lead the world on the critical mission of saving the world.

According to science, we have a decade to save the planet for our children. Ike McCorkle will support and introduce any legislation necessary to protect our planet for human life, for his kids, and for yours.


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