EnvironmentFederal Energy Development Bill

Federal Energy Development Bill:

The most effective way to improve our economy, create jobs, and save our kids’ environment and future is to rapidly transition our energy industry.

  • Federal law requiring all new construction be outfitted with solar at 120% of estimated use, all new energy infrastructure installations be made in the renewable sector to accelerate transition and job creation. CD4 will benefit through job-creation and renewable resource technologies such as solar, concentrated solar, wind, geothermal, atmospheric water production, and solar pump storage also known as hydroelectric reservoir storage.
  • We need to resurrect the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) so we can begin national reforestation, forest protection, and sustainable agricultural programs to restore habitat, watersheds, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Build and maintain a sustainable and renewable energy infrastructure to provide our citizens with jobs, livable wages, and benefits. Provide job training to transition Colorado’s hard working oil and gas workers into the new green energy economy.
  • We must look beyond our borders to our oceans where seaweed and kelp farming can reduce ocean acidity and help feed our cattle while reducing their methane emissions—a potent greenhouse gas.
  • We will use Federal, State, corporate, individual investment, tax incentive, and subsidize transfers in order to fund infrastructure projects. We will work with our colleges and universities, the Governor’s office, and private corporate cooperative development to move the state towards developing a zero-carbon electrical grid by 2040.
  • CD-4’s expansive rural area and the Nation desperately need a protected, ground-based, high-speed 5G communications network. DOD and allied communications must not be so dependent on satellite communications, space command, civilian and corporate enterprise would benefit from 5G. Expand Colorado markets and allow people to live and work where they want.

These positions represent the method by which we will create the high-paying, sustainable jobs our district desperately needs. They represent how we will lead and regain our prestige in the world. They represent a massive collaborative effort that further engages us with our allies and restores our moral authority and respect. Transitioning our energy infrastructure stands to substantially increase the availability of good jobs and benefits to our economy in CD4.

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