Equal Rights for ALL Americans


American advertises itself as a country where all are considered equal under the law, but unfortunately, that has never truly been the case. It’s time for a 21st Century Equal Rights Amendment.

If elected, Ike McCorkle will draft and introduce legislation for a new ERA bill that protects every American from discrimination, be it gender, race, gender identity, sexual identity, disability, faith or religion, or any other “othering” used for the purpose of institutional oppression or discrimination. Ike believes in equal due process under the law, equal employment opportunities, equal housing opportunities for ALL Americans, and that no American should ever face discrimination for any reason other than their proven character. Ike also believes will all his heart that the government should not discriminate against women, or any gender identity, by attacking their free agency over their own bodies.

The original ERA fell short of just two states to be ratified, and many experts agree that it would be ratified easily today. We believe that in 2019, there are many identities that need equal protection under the law to be guaranteed as Constitutional right, as much so now as ever. We believe there would be massive support for such an amendment. We believe it’s time to become the America as advertised.

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