CampaignA Post-Partisan America

Many say that we’re more divided as a people today than ever in our nation’s history, but when citizens are polled on the issues, without framework of party support, most Americans agree on a majority of the issues. Across party lines, people want to get money out of politics, have healthcare as a right like every other developed nation, want public education as a right from pre-K through college, want to fight the climate crisis, want a Federal jobs and training program, and a host of other issues.

Ike McCorkle believes that we have more in common than we have that divides us, and that we are in a time of crisis where America has to come together to save planet and democracy. Ike knows that we can’t do that by only working with people who agree with us or share the exact same moral code. We have to identify the issues we agree on, form coalitions around those issues, and fight together. We can argue on the individual issues we don’t agree on and work together on the ones we do. But separating ourselves completely by sports teams and party colors isn’t getting anything done, and to save the planet and democracy, there is lots of work to be done.

Ike’s campaign will not only have advisors who agree with him. We will not just be hiring Democrats or working with Democratic volunteers. We have independents and Republican advisors throughout our district, Colorado’s 4th. When elected, we will make sure to staff from throughout our district, Democrats, Republicans, independents and third-party affiliated constituents, from the rural Eastern plains to the cities and suburbs of Colorado’s 4th Congressional district.

Colorado’s 4th is a very large district, and basically the Eastern-third of the great State of Colorado. Our campaign, and when elected, our office, will make spending time for outreach throughout ALL of our district to serve ALL of our constituents. In a lot of ways, our district, CD4, is quite purple, if we’re going by team colors. The same issues important to people in the towns closer to Denver aren’t necessarily the same issues important to the people in the rural South East towns in Colorado. Yet, there is plenty all those folks can agree on too.

Ike has spent the summer attending the many County Fairs and town events throughout our district, talking to residents, getting to know their hopes and fears for Colorado and these United States. He has broken bread with people who identify with political ideologies far different than his own. Perhaps it is unique to the character of Coloradans, but we don’t think it is, but folks are civil with each other throughout disagreement, and the conversations mostly veer towards finding common ground. Folks, there is plenty of common ground.

We are never going to agree on every issue. You might be left of Ike. You might be right of Ike. What you should know about Ike is that he’s going to listen to you no matter what, even if world views and moral guideposts are vastly different. And on the issues we agree on, he’s going to fight for us with everything he’s got.

In our campaign’s view, that’s how a legislative branch like Congress should work. Sure, you have party alliances, and will work with people who share the same vision, but drafting and passing legislation is a collaborative effort. It’s supposed to be a representative democracy, where people from different walks of life come together to serve the people they represent. Ike will lead his team to be thoughtful, mindful and attentive to all our constituents, even in areas we disagree on, always taking time to explain his position, and trying to find common ground. But those issues that a majority of Americans agree on, but party-politics and shady campaign funding has kept Congress from acting on? Ike is going to fight like no other on.

Colorado’s 4th has been represented by a party-line slave to corporate donors for far too long. For his kids’ future, and for your kids’ future, Ike has decided to cut his retirement from military service short to answer the call to a different sort of service. With your help he can return integrity to CD4’s Congressional office. Semper Fi.
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