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End the War on Drugs & Prisons for Profit

The War on Drugs has racist beginnings and has led to an incarceration rate five times higher than in the early 1970s when we had the same low crime rate as today. We need to: End the War on Drugs Legalize marijuana nationally, taxing and regulating it. Enact Federal laws that allow banking marijuana profits...

Equal Rights for ALL Americans

Popular support indicates, and experts agree, that it’s time to introduce legislation for a new Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that protects EVERY American from institutional oppression and discrimination. A new ERA needs to: Protection against discrimination based on race, gender, gender identity, disabilities, faith, religion, creed, etc. Provide due process for everyone. Guarantee equal employment...

Net Neutrality & Internet as Public Utility

Like the interstate highway system that allows everyone access at the same speed regardless of the car they drive, Net Neutrality ensures that every American will have access to the Internet and all its information and opportunities at the same rate of speed––governed as a utility, not by a for-profit company that can block, throttle...
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